About Oncology Venture US


Oncology Venture US Inc. (formerly 2X Oncology) is a clinical stage biotechnology company focused on developing precision therapeutics for unmet needs in hard-to-treat cancers.

Most oncology drugs are designed as a “one-size-fits-all-approach.” This is changing with the emergence of precision medicine, an innovative approach to disease treatment that takes into account individual differences in people’s cancer biology, including gene expression. Precision medicine enables oncologists to make better treatment decisions for their patients by addressing the complex mechanisms underlying a particular patient’s cancer.

Our DRP® biomarker technology is designed to better predict which cancer treatment will be most effective for each individual cancer patient.

Oncology Venture US  has identified and in-licensed several novel anti-cancer drugs that have achieved encouraging levels of partial response rates in Phase 1/2 clinical trials. These drugs will be further developed using our RNA-based proprietary biomarker technology, the DRP® platform, for delivering precision oncology. This identifies the patients that have the highest likelihood of responding to a certain drug, thus ensuring better efficacy outcomes for individual cancer patients. The DRP® has been extensively validated in its ability to provide a statistically significant prediction of clinical outcomes from drug treatment in cancer patients.