Peter Buhl Jensen, M.D. DMSc


Dr. Buhl Jensen is MD, DMSc and professor in clinical oncology and is CEO of Oncology Venture and Medical Prognosis Institute. Dr. Buhl Jensen has a strong combination of commercial experience and expertise in the field of oncology.

Dr. Buhl Jensen founded and was previously CEO of TopoTarget A/S. He was instrumental in TopoTarget’s stock exchange listing in 2005 and secured both EMA and FDA approval of the company’s first product, Savene©/Totect©. He is also behind the development of the pharmaceutical drug Belinostat, which was approved by the FDA in the summer of 2014.


Ulla Hald Buhl

Board Member

Ulla Hald Buhl is a founder and the Chief Operating Officer of Oncology Venture Sweden AB, and serves on its Board of Directors. She is also CEO of Buhl Oncology.

A serial entrepreneur, Hald Buhl played a key role in listing three companies on the stock exchange. She has a broad competence within diverse areas, including extensive experience in running clinical trials, organization management, and corporate communications. She has conducted financial communications for listed companies in Denmark and Sweden since 2006, and previously managed the Investor Relations departments of TopoTarget A/S and WntResearch AB.  Hald Buhl is currently active within this field for Oncology Venture as well as Danish Medical Prognosis Institute A/S.

From 2010-2016, Hald Buhl was responsible for Clinical Operations at WntResearch while concurrently managing the company’s IR, PR and corporate communications. She was closely involved in raising capital for WntResearch, and in listing the company on the stock market.

Hald Buhl was previously with  TopoTarget A/S, where during her nine-year tenure she formed and led departments in the positions of Quality Manager, International Regulatory Manager, Head of Pharmacovigilance, Director of Investor Relations, and Director of PR, in which role she was responsible for both internal and external communications.  As a member of TopoTarget’s management team, Hald Buhl was closely involved in capital raises and financial reporting.

Prior to TopoTarget, Hald Buhl was National Study Team Leader of Oncology Trials in Denmark for AstraZeneca A/S.

Thomas Jensen

Board Member

Oncology Venture’s Chief Technology Officer Thomas Jensen is a pioneer in bridging good science, effective laboratory techniques, and bioinformatics to advance the biology of cancer. He founded and leads the Medical Prognosis Institute A/S and Oncology Venture laboratories in Denmark and in the USA.

Amongst Jensen’s accolades are his inventions of molecular biological guidelines combined with techniques for high quality reproducible RNA extraction and downstream processing. This allows for high resolution analysis of cancer patients’ biopsies. His inventions are an important foundation of the DRP® Drug Response Prediction platform.


James G. Cullem J.D.

Co-founder, Secretary and Board Observer

Jim Cullem is a career life sciences entrepreneur and executive with 20+ years of diverse experience in the creation, management, and growth of early-stage companies. Based in Boston, Cullem is currently VP, Corporate Development, at Oncology Venture.

The registered patent attorney previously founded and was CEO at Halcyon Diagnostics, Inc. and Paradigm Oncology, Inc., both early-stage cancer diagnostics and predictive biomarker companies. Earlier in his career, Cullem was part of the senior management team at Cell Signaling Technology, Inc., a leading proteomics technology and cancer biology research company that develops reagents, diagnostic biomarkers, and therapeutics in the cancer field.