The 2X pipeline includes three Phase 2 assets, each with established clinical efficacy and safety.

Candidate Compound Potential Indication(s)


 PARP 1/2 & Tankyrase 1/2 Inhibitor • Metastatic breast cancer
• Recurrent ovarian cancer
• Pancreatic cancer
• Prostate cancer
• Endometrial cancer


GPL Doxorubicin • Brain metastases from breast cancer
• Recurrent glioblastoma multiforme


Topoisomerase 1 Inhibitor • Recurrent ovarian cancer
• Endometrial cancer

Our programs leverage a precision mRNA-based companion diagnostic (CDx) generated using our proprietary Drug Response Predictor (DRP®) technology.

DRP® CDx identifies the unique genetic properties of a tumor to identify patients who are most likely to respond to and benefit from treatment.  This enables for focused Phase 2 studies with the expectation of significantly improved response rates and accelerated approval filings.

We look forward to initiating DRP® selected Phase 2 studies with these candidates in the near future, with study data and potential accelerated approval filings in the second half of 2018.